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KSU Student Dies & The Students Didn’t Know

Thursday August 18, a KSU Student died after eating in The Commons dining hall and suffering from an allergic reaction. The AJC was the first to report this, then Channel 2 Action news later that evening. KSU students were sent an informative email from the administration on 3:30 on Tuesday, August 23.

Anyone see the problem with this?

I follow the AJC on twitter, and Thursday afternoon I saw the tweet with the report. I checked out the link and was shocked. I figured we would get more information about the student’s death later that afternoon, but it took the university five days to alert the students.

As a member of the student media team. it’s our job to report the news to our students. So it irritated me that the university was giving us no information about this incident for us to inform students. We put out on our Facebook page asking for anyone to stop by The Sentinel office to give us some information or statements.

One brave student, Morgan Prime, went to the AJC and was very upset saying, “It makes me think they’re hiding something.” The worst part of the article from the AJC? The boy’s aunt reported that the university still hasn’t contacted the family regarding the incident.

Arlethia Perry-Johnson is the university spokeswoman and she said that the incident was not “an appropriate situation for emergency alert notification system to be employed.”

On Jan 28, 2011 a pot bellied pig was loose on highway 75 near the campus exit. Students were notified by email, phone alert, and text message, of this “emergency” disturbance. The pig was not on campus, nor was he a threat to the students in any way.

So why were the students notified on multiple different outlets of this “emergency”, and not of the death of a fellow classmate? Prime might have been onto something when she said that she felt the university might be “hiding something”.

As a student, I am slightly offended that I wasn’t formally informed of this.
As a journalist, I’m outraged that we were not allowed access to information so we could do our job, which is to inform students of the news.

Link to the AJC story can be found here.

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